2009 Group Meetings

Seminar Room 16AZ02, 2pm unless otherwise stated

1st June

Speaker Title Time
Chris Mills Polymer X-ray Dosimeters progress 30 mins
James Adams Modeling active gels 30 mins

8th June
16AZ02 (External Speaker)

Speaker Title Time
Jennifer Brookes Small molecule recognition: the secrets of smell 30 mins

15th June

Speaker Title Time
Eric Brunner Functionalized MWNT Surface Roughness Affects hESC Ahesion and Growth 20 mins

22nd June

Speaker Title Time
Vinicio Gonzalez-Perez TBA 20 mins

29th June

Speaker Title Time
Argyrios Georgiadis An Alternative Method for Making Hard, No-VOC Latex Films Using Infrared Radiation 60mins

6th July
No meeting due to workshop

13th July

Speaker Title Time
Akarin Intaniwet Conjugated Polymer for Radiation Detection Application 30 mins

20th July

Speaker Title Time
Alice King Surface Enhanced Raman of nanostructured gold surfaces TBA

27th July

Speaker Title Time
Chiara Bo Controlling surface morphology of Carbon Nanotube Materials - fundamentals and applications TBA

3rd August

Speaker Title Time
Azura Che Abdullah CNT-Based Nanocomposites: The Mechanism of Internalization and Distribution Within Cells TBA

10th August
30BB03 (External Speaker)

Speaker Title Time
James Elliot Structure of transition metal catalyst particles for catalytic synthesis of carbon nanotubes TBA

17th August

Speaker Title Time
Dan Liu and Azura Che Abdullah Protein nanopatterns on self-assembled block copolymer templates and their application as substrates for cell cultures TBA

24th August

Speaker Title Time
James Adams Transient shear banding in polymer solutions TBA

31st August
Bank Holiday

7th September

Speaker Title Time
Patnarin Worajittiphon Effect of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes on the Increase of Thermal Expansion Coefficient of Nanotube-Colloidal Polymer Composite Films TBA

14th September
No meeting due to conferences

21st September

Speaker Title Time
Piyapong Asanithi Carbon nanotube-based material for protein Crystallization TBA

28th September

Speaker Title Time
Carolina de las Heras Alarcón and Tao Wang Structure, crosslinking and mechanical properties of alkyd/acrylic hybrids films TBA
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