2010 Group Meetings

Seminar Room 16AZ02, 2pm unless otherwise stated

6th July

Speaker Title Time
Akarin Intaniwet Poly(triarylamine) (PTAA) Thick Films for Real-time Direct X-ray Detection TBA
Joe Keddie Design of Colloidal Nanocomposite Adhesives: Optimisation through Nanostructural Control TBA

13th July

No meeting this week

20th July

Speaker Title Time
Che Azurahanim Cell Patterning on Nanostructured Substrates Based On Carbon Nanotubes & Their Application in Tissue Engineering TBA

27th July

Speaker Title Time
Vinicio Gonzalez Challenges in Biology Modelling TBA

3rd August

Speaker Title Time
Chun-Hong Lei EDLC supercapacitors based on carbon/CNT nanocomposite TBA

10th August

Speaker Title Time
Andrew Brown A Liquid Crystal Elastomer and Nanoparticle System for Actuation TBA

17th August

Speaker Title Time
Robert Gurney Characterising, Optimising and Switching the Adhesive and Mechanical Properties of Latex Blend PSA Films TBA

24th August

Speaker Title Time
Patnarin Worajittiphon Stretchable Colloidal Latex Composites Containing Carbon Nanotube Segregated Networks for Thermal Applications TBA
Alex Nicholas IR assisted evaporative lithography: nanoparticle suspensions and patterned films 15mins

31st August

Speaker Title Time
James Adams Modeling transient shear banding in polymer solutions TBA

7th September

Speaker Title Time
Marc Jones The Tree-Hugger: in-situ MRI of water in wood and living trees TBA
Sahar Zamani Characterisation of Water Dynamics in Cement Based Materials TBA

14th September

Speaker Title Time
Kitty Singsumphan Blends of TIPS-pentacene and a Glassy polymer: Morphological and Optical Study for Lasing Applications TBA
Che Azurahanim The Uptake, Subcellular Localization and Intracellular Dynamics of Peptide Functionalized Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes TBA

21st September

Speaker Title Time
Argyrios Georgiadis and Matt Hinton IR assisted evaporative lithography: Experiments and modeling TBA
Katie Foster Biomimetic Routes to Oxide Nano-materials TBA
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