2011 Group meetings

Seminar Room 16AZ02, 2pm unless otherwise stated

19th July

Speaker Title Time
Jayesh Bhatt Stochastic approach to chemical kinetics and nucleation TBA

26th July

Speaker Title Time
Andrew Brown Auxetic and Negative Stiffness Materials TBA

2nd August

Speaker Title Time
Nick Howlett Atomistic modelling of water transport in cements TBA
Yang Liu Emulsion polymerisation and anti-corrosion coatings TBA

9th August

Speaker Title Time
Argyrios Georgiadis Infrared Radiation Assisted Evaporative Lithography TBA

16th August

Speaker Title Time
Vinicio Gonzalez Dystrophin in fish muscle fibres TBA
Azin Fahimi Electrical properties of Carbon Nanotube and Graphene Monolayer of Langmuir-Blodgett Films TBA

23rd August

Speaker Title Time
Radoslaw Kowalczyk Why NMR is useful for studying porous materials? TBA

30th August

Speaker Title Time
Robert Gurney Sintering a Nanocomposite PSA Latex as a novel method of Switchable Adhesion 20 mins
Kitty Singsumphan Influence of Polymer on the Properties of TES-anthracene/Polymer Blends TBA

6th September

Speaker Title Time
Agata Gajewicz NMR Imaging and Relaxation Analysis of Cement Based Material TBA
Marc Jones Demonstrating the use of mobile MRI for the in-situ characterisation of water distribution in wood and trees TBA

15th September Note the change from Tuesday to Thursday

Speaker Title Time
Elena Heister Carbon nanotubes: Applications and challenges 20 mins
Izabela Jurewicz UV and IR Laser Ablation of Latex Composites and Thin Films containing CNTs and Graphene TBA

20th September

Speaker Title Time
Sahar Zamani Characterisation of Water Dynamics in Cement Based Materials TBA

27th September

Speaker Title Time
Che Azurahanim Che Abdullah Scaffolds based Carbon Nanotubes Assemblies for Liver tissue engineering and Drug discovery TBA
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