2012 Group Meetings

Seminar Room 16AZ02, 2pm unless otherwise stated

3rd July

Speaker Title Time
Marc Jones A transportable Magnetic resonance imaging system for the in-situ measurements of living trees
Edurne Gonzalez Design and influence of electrosteric surfactants on film properties

10th July
11 am

Speaker Title Time
Kitty Singsumphan Correlation between Morphology and Optical Properties of Blends of Small Organic Molecules and Thermoplastic Polymers

17th July
11 am

Speaker Title Time
Robert Gurney Switching Off the Tackiness of a Nanocomposite Adhesive in Thirty Seconds via Infrared Sintering
Chunhong Lei Internal Resistance of Carbon Electrodes for an Electrochimical Double-layer Capacitor (EDLC)

24th July

Speaker Title Time
Victor Rodin 1H NMR Pulsed Field Gradient Diffusometry Analysis of Cement Pastes

31st July

Speaker Title Time
Yang Liu Barrier properties of polymer anti-corrosion coatings
Ravi Shanker Latex Based Templated Assembly of Graphene Based Functional Materials

7th August

Speaker Title Time
Argyrios Georgiadis New Process to Decorate Household Goods with Aesthetic Textured Coatings
Serge-Henri Cachia Simulation water transport in cement paste at the nanoscale

14th August

Speaker Title Time
Andrew Brown Modeling smectic-A liquid crystal elastomers
James Mithen Molecular dynamics simulations of non-ideal plasmas

21st August

Speaker Title Time
Nadia Akram Polyurethane Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

28th August

Speaker Title Time
Radoslaw Kowalczyk Changes to the morphology of cement pastes by water-isopropanol exchange and NMR relaxometry

4th September

Speaker Title Time
Andre Utgenannt Periodic structures in polymer/inorganic composites through evaporative lithography
Nick Howlett Atomistic modelling of water transport in cement at the nanoscale

11th September

Speaker Title Time
Azin Fahimi Density controlled conductivity of pristine graphene films prepared by Langmuir-Schaefer
Sultan Alomairy Controlled Deposition of Latex Monolayer by Langmuir - Blodgett Technique

18th September

Speaker Title Time
Sahar Zamani NMR Characterisation of Water Transport in Cement Based Materials
Agata Gajewicz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Relaxation Analysis of White Cement Paste

25th September

Speaker Title Time
Farai Carter The effect of polymer viscoelasticity and humidity on the drying characteristics of acrylic latexes
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