2013 group meetings

Meetings to take place in 30BB03 unless stated otherwise.

23rd July 39BB02

Speaker Title
Azin Fahim Silver Nanowire/Graphene Hybrid for High Performance Inexpensive Transparent Electrodes

30th July

Speaker Title
Nick Howlett Atomistic modelling of water transport dynamics in cement

6th August

Speaker Title
Maria Schulze Preparation and Characterization of Electrically Conducting Adhesives made with Reduced Graphene Oxide

13th August

Speaker Title
Radek Kowalczyk A new way to characterise the drying kinetics of waterborne adhesives based on 1H NMR profiling

20th August

*No meeting this week*

27th August

Speaker Title
Michael Kiss Modelling and optimization of pressure sensitive adhesives
Ravi Shanker Latex based Templated Assembly of CNT based Functional Materials

3rd September

Speaker Title
Andre Utgenannt Photonic and Plasmonic Nanocomposites through Infrared-Radiation-Assisted Film Formation of Nanoparticle Blends
Yang Liu Barrier properties of polymer anti-corrosion coatings

10th September (NB IoP PPG, ILCEC 7 meeting this week)

Speaker Title
Sultan Alomairy Stretchable Transparent Electrodes Based on Silver nanowires and Graphene

17th September

Speaker Title
Niki Bardi carbon nanotube fibers
Rebecca Turner Formation and Characterisation of Silver Nanoparticle thin films
Alex Smith Studying Nucleation in Under-Cooled Liquids: An Analysis of Monte-Carlo Simulations

24th September

Speaker Title
Agata Gajewicz TBA

1st October 13BB04

Speaker Title
Serge Cachia Water transport properties in cement paste at nanoscale: desorption
James Mithen Crystallisation at the nanoscale
Vesna Daniloska Hybrid PU/acrylic miniemulsion photopolymerization and blending with 2D particles
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