2015 Group Meetings

All meetings are at 2pm.

9th July

Speaker Room Title
Alice King 40b AB 05 Raman spectroscopy for the characterisation of nanocarbons

16th July

Speaker Room Title
David Makepeace 16Az02 Particle Ordering in Latex Films: Control and Design

23nd July

Speaker Room Title
Niki Bardi 30BB03 Carbon Nanotube-Latex thin films as X-ray radiation detectors

30th July

Speaker Room Title
Matt Large 30BB03 Silver Nanowires as Transparent Conductors: The Quest to Replace ITO

6th August

Speaker Room Title
Nacho Martin-Fabiani 30BB03 Waterborne nanoceria/polymer nanocomposites: Enhanced properties through designed nanostructure

13th August

Speaker Room Title
Andrea Fortini 30BB03 Computer simulations of drying colloidal mixtures
Dwaipayan Chakrabarti 30BB03 On the programmed assembly of colloidal matter

20th August

Speaker Room Title
Laurie Little 30BB03 Nucleation of glycine crystals
Agata Gajewicz 30BB03 Measurement standards for the characterisation of cement based materials by 1H NMR relaxometry

27th August

Speaker Room Title
Roman Rousseau 30BB03 Characterization of carbon nanotubes fibers
Melenie Athukoralage 30BB03 Computational modelling of the rheological behaviour of liquid crystal polymers

3rd September

Speaker Room Title
Philip Richardson 30BB03 The Fate of Surfactant in XNBR Latex Films
Merlin Etzold 30BB03 Cement and beyond: filling of 3D space by 2D sheets

10th September

No meeting

17th September

Speaker Room Title
Yang Liu 30BB03 Water Transport in Secondary Dispersion Barrier Coatings: A Critical Comparison with Emulsion Polymers

24th September

Speaker Room Title
Prof. Richard Spontak 10 &11 BB01 New Design Paradigms for Using Block Copolymers and Microgel Nanoparticles to Stabilize Polymer Thin Films
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