2018 Group Meetings

All meetings are at 11:30 am in the Physics Seminar Room (30BB03).

20th June

Speaker Title
Virginia Apostolopoulou Modelling of the diffusion inside a dialysis button: Application to the crystallisation of membrane proteins

27th June

Speaker Title
Magdalena Janota Water transport in C-S-H agglomerates studied by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

11th July

Speaker Title
Katrin Elidottir The role of nanomaterials in tissue engineering

18th July

Speaker Title
Malin Schulz Stratification in bimodal latex blends

25th July

Speaker Title
Joe Hall Improving the properties of thin latex coatings applied to seeds

1st August

Speaker Title
To be determined Title tba

8th August

Speakers Titles
Ors Istok Separate space-temporal effects studied by 1H NMR
Philipp Moritz Novel Pickering emulsions for controlled drug delivery

15th August

Speaker Title
Solomon Melides Impacts of heterogeneity on the wetting dynamics of maltodextrin thin films

5th September

Speaker Title
Mona Ibrahim Title tba
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